Who We Are

Beckwith Mediation is a family run business with a dispute avoidance and resolution focus.  We bring a wealth of client side and supply side commercial construction and engineering experience gained from projects both in the UK and overseas.  We combine the principles of good project management practice with effective contract management and the law to deliver real world solutions for clients, contractors, sub-contractors, local authorities and legal advisers in the Property Development, Construction and Engineering industries and for the Environmental Management Sector.  We are a progressive group of people and have evolved from reactive problem solvers to become practice innovators.

To achieve this, we help you to...

  1. Manage projects and administer your contracts effectively and resolve issues before they become contentious and start to disrupt your project.
  2. Settle disputes quickly and cheaply when and if they arise.
  3. Learn how to avoid disputes and resolve them yourself without the need for expensive legal advice.

We do this by...

  1. Applying our project and contract management system to your project and supporting this through "mini mediations" in order to eliminate conflict and enhance productivity.
  2. Providing you and the other Party(ies) concerned with use of our virtual Mediation Court so you can negotiate settlements on-line that you can live with.
  3. Teaching you how to analyse, assess, prepare and advocate your own case without incurring unecessary legal costs.

Our Services

We bundle together a broad range of project and case management services.  We do much more than "helicopter" in to mediate or adjudicate a case.  Our aim is to help you minimise the impact of conflict in your projects.  We help you to build and maintain trust and preserve business relationships.  This reduces legal costs, saves time and encourages fair treatment for all.

For our range of dispute avoidance services, click here:

Dispute Avoidance

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Dispute Resolution

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Training & Development

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