Dispute Avoidance Services

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Dispute avoidance is hard work.  In the dynamic environment that is a construction project, it is often easy to put things off on the basis that you'll get back to them later.  Have you noticed that there seems never to be enough time to do things properly; but somehow there is always time to fix them up later?

Our Dispute Avoidance and Issue Resolution Commitment (DARC) embodies a set of general principles whereby organisations are able to:

  1. Work positively with others to prevent disputes from arising or issues escalating and when disputes do arise be pro-active in their management and resolution;
  2. Include dispute avoidance and issue resolution mechanisms in their contracts and/or complaints handling procedures and follow processes, such as zeusODR's DART system, which are approprriate in their style and proportionate in costs to the issues that require resolution.

DART Protocol

The Dispute Avoidance and Issue Resolution Toolkit (DART) is a common sense tool for reducing conflict in construction projects of all sizes and value at both the head contract, right throughout the supply chain and including consultant contracts.

It works by ensuring that the project team and the supply chain are better placed to identify those risks and other matters most likely to give rise to disputes and introduces a methodology for dealing with issues and changes before they become contentious - and it does it all in accordance with good contract practice.  Keep out of the Prison of Fear, contact us to see how the DART Protocol can work for you.

DART Toolkit

The DART Toolkit is our software application that gives effect to the DART Protocol.  It can be licensed on a project by project basis and installed on your server or hosted by us.  It gives the whole project team 24 hour access to the status of risks, issues, change proposals and instructions.  

Uniquely it provides for automatic referral of unresolved issues to low-cost "mini-mediations" to help keep your project on track and out of adjudication or the court system.  Full training in the use of DART can also be given.

virtual Mediation Court

"Mini-mediations" arising from the DART Toolkit are dealt with in our virtual Mediation Court.  This confidential on-line service means that Parties can engage in a structured negotiation with one of our Panel Mediators to obtain a speedy, economic, resolution of an issue.  Working in this cathartic way ensures that businesses save time, save money, preserve the working relationship and gain fast access to justice.

The services of virtual Mediation Court can be utilised for disputes of any kind (including multi-party) and any value.